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Bring your pet along!

Pet Friendly

The “Pod Brzozami” campsite staff warmly welcome all the current and future guests to visit us with their pets. To confirm these words, we actually allow for the pets to be there free of charge. Our campsite has assumed the PET FRIENDLY policy, whereby all our guests are clear on the fact that we truly are the real friends of pets.
Kadra "Pod brzozami, Ustronie Morskie
For us, it is the satisfaction and happiness of our guests that is most important. We cannot imagine anybody who has a pet to have a happy holiday, if they cannot bring the pet along. Dogs and cats are part of the family, how can you spend your holidays without them ? We will make sure that there is no need for you to miss your pet, nor do you have to worry whether your pet has the right care. It is well known that you yourself will take care of your pet the best, so by all means take care of it during your holidays.

We also consider the safety aspects of animals residing on our premises, therefore we entered into a collaboration with a local vet, who is there at your service to take care of your animal in case of an emergency.

We could not accept guests with pets with such a hospitality if it was not for the fact that the arrival of your four-legged friends is highly anticipated by the entire society of Ustronie Morskie. Most pubs and bars are easily accessed with a pet, there are a lot of beautiful paths where you can take your dog for a walk, make a bike ride. You can also take your pet in the more remote areas of the beach.
Plaża w Ustroniu Morskim
In the 21st century, holidays and travelling with pets is something completely natural. So, take your dog on holidays with you! Make it so, that during your carefree holidays your family can be complete! Make it happen, that the holidays with your pet at the “Pod Brzozami” campsite become an unforgettable adventure you would like to relive every year!

See the photo gallery of our guests with their pet.


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