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Ustronie Morskie


Plaża w Ustroniu Morskim

Ustronie Morskie is located in the Central-North part of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship. It spreads along over 10 kilometres of the Baltic Sea Coast, 13 km away from Kolobrzeg. The area’s landscape is a hilly plain with vast forest areas, meadows and fertile soils.

The most precious natural splendour is taken by its location: a versatile sea shore is often intersected with steep cliffs towards a stunning, sandy and wide beach. In the area, we have the right conditions for a variety of past time activities. One can indulge themselves in bathing in the sea, sunbathing, water sports as well as fishing. A huge attraction is constituted by two piers running approximately 100m into the sea. In 2006, over the 200m long section of Ustronie Morskie, the beach has been widened even more, thus creating a wide, beautiful and sandy beach area spreading 40m wide throughout. It creates perfect conditions for spending free time with the youngsters.

The walking and bike riding aficionados will have the opportunity to enjoy perfectly designed walking paths, which spread across the entire seashore. We also provide sports pitches, tennis courts, the gym, swimming and sailing equipment as well as swimming pools. During the summer season, Ustronie Morskie turns into a bustling resort, with hundreds of restaurants, pubs and hostels, accommodating the needs of even the most demanding visitors. Every year, the area welcomes the luna park and circus, as well as the greatest names of Polish song and cabaret become the guests of our outdoor theatre.

13 km away from Kolobrzeg

Within 13 km distance from Ustronie Morskie, we have the city of Kolobrzeg, located by the Parseta river, by its estuary to the Baltic Sea. The marine trade and passenger port, one can appreciate a volume of available field trips. It is a well-known, acclaimed and the largest health resort by the Polish seaside, with a great micro-climate, a long sandy beach, as well as the facility to bathe both in the sea and the sun.

Plaża w Ustroniu Morskim Kolobrzeg is a city with a tradition that is over one thousand years old. The beginnings of the Kolobrzeg borough date back to the medieval times. The archeological research indicates that the city of Kolobrzeg was created in the 9th century. Kolobrzeg as a health resort has begun its development at the beginning of the 19th century. Kolobrzeg is a very attractive city, regardless of the season. Many of interesting old buildings have been retained here, as well as many fabulous cultural and sport events take place there.

What may particularly tickle the fancy of the visitors is the 220m long pier, created in 1973, where one can admire the adorable sunsets. The trade-passenger port, located by the estuary of Parseta, one of the Navy Ships can be visited. A beautiful walking path leads us from the pier to the port. The port comprises, amongst others, a 26m high lighthouse. From the lighthouse, which can of course be entered, one can lose themselves in a breath-taking seaview, the beach, the port as well as the health park. One of the most alluring sights of Kolobrzeg is the Ascention of Mary Basilica, whose construction started at the beginning of the 19th century, the powder keep as well as the townhall. There is also a plethora of remarkable cafes and the Polish Weaponry Museum in the old town of Kolobrzeg.

The Ustronie Morskie Area

dab Ustronie Morskie is covered by many tourist paths. For the bike enthusiasts (bikes are also available for rental at our campsite), we have what we believe to be the most enthralling path, namely the one to the two pedunculate oaks. “Bolesław” and “Warcisław” are the two world renowned attractions of nature. The oak “Bolesław” with its dimensions of 680 cm in circumference and 37m of height is 800 years old. It is also the oldest tree in Poland, where the oak “Bartek” is a youngster in comparison. The oak “Warcisław” has 720 cm in circumference, 37m in height and 640 years of age. The sight of these trees is truly remarkable.

Between Ustronie Morskie and Kołobrzeg one can find a post-soviet military airport. Currently we can use this place for tourist attractions such as plane and motorglide flights. It is also there where the headquarters of Baltic aeroclub are located. The main lane is 3 km long, which gives an opportunity to “check the state of a vehicle”. The bike path to Kolobrzeg also runs through this airport.

lotnisko-w-bagiczu- To the East of Ustronie Morskie we can find a village of Gąski, a small tourist area, where the main attraction seems to be the lighthouse. Its construction started in the year 1876, and it is 52 metres high. With its surrounding resort, it constitutes an interesting place from the perspective of history, technique, architecture as well as landscape. The lighthouse is naturally available for tourists.

Within the distance of 10 kilometres south, one can find one of the oldest Christian temples in the Pomeranian area. The Holy Rosary Church in Rusowo dates back 600 years. In recent years, the church has been thoroughly renovated thanks to the efforts of the parish priest of Ustronie Morskie. This church is located near an old park, which until this day bears witness to the long passed power of Rusowo.

Another tourist attraction is one of the largest wind power plants in Poland, located in the viccinity of Ustronie Morskie. It comprises over 40 windfans that are 100 metres high and 40 metres wide propellers. The sight of this area become particularly unusual after dark, where the red lights at the top of every mill move in perfect synchronicity.

For the enthusiasts of peace, quiet and space, we strongly recommend the mouth of Czerwona Rzeczka [the Red River]. It is a place situated 3 kilometres away from Ustronie Morskie, with asphalt path leading to it, but also with an option to walk along the forest or the beach. The forest path leads through 4 post-soviet bunkers and a rangefinder. The name of the river comes from the characteristic red colour of its waters. One can find a wide, little known and therefore empty sandy beach, perfect for children to play football and volleyball. As the water of the sea can become unbearably cold, Czerwona Rzeczka comes to rescue.

skansen-chleba- In Ustronie Morskie, by the road no. 11 between Kolobrzeg and Koszalin we can find the museum of bread. In a shed covered by straw roof, stylised to resemble houses of the 19th century, one can feel the aroma of freshly baked bread, a home-made smoked sausage or the rye soup in bread. One can also buy or taste bread prepared before the eyes of the visitors. Additionally, every child receives a piece of cake or a bread roll, free of charge.

helios-basen In 2011, the area of Ustronie Morskie has released the “Helios” swimming pool complex for public use, which is to be an alternative for the beach in more rainy and colder days. The resort is composed of an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, an aqua park, tennis courts, and a volleyball pitch. For people with cars, there also is a large parking lot available. This object is situated in Polna street, 300 metres from our campsite, and since the beginning of our activity, it has been a well-remembered attraction for our guests.

14 km away from Ustronie Morskie, there is a town of Dobrzyca – a perfect place for a trip in the ‘non-bathing’ time. In Dobrzyca we can find the garden of Hortulus. It is the only place in Poland where one can visit extraordinary thematic gardens. You will be able to find Japanese, French and many other styles of gardens. It is a vast area full of beautiful flora from all over the world. You can also find a playground, a cafe and a souvenir shop. In the year 2014, tourist may enjoy a maze with a view-tower as well as a mini-maze for children. The owners offer a life to their gardens both in Kolobrzeg and other adjacent towns. If the weather does not encourage sunbathing – in Dobrzyca you can spend a really fruitful day.

ogrody tematyczne ustronie morskie


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